Nearby Scenic Spots

Urban Spotlight
The arrival of Urban Spotlight has inspired artists to begin tellingtheir stories of Kaohsiung. During the day, it is the verdant lungs of Kaohsiung City, filled with the sound of water. At night, its bright lights create an atmosphere of watery sounds and green shadows that draw people in to savor the coffee aroma. The artists' placement art pieces - a union of open thoughts and the leisure spirits of the southern city - are the shiny focus that attracts attention under the night sky. The hotel is approximately 10 minutes ride away.

Lianchihtan (Lotus Pond)
It is within the territory Tso Ying Old City. In this area, there are Spring-Autumn Pavilion, Dragon and Tiger Tower, and Confucius Temple, etc. built. Spring-Autumn Pavilion was especially in memorial of Kuan Kung, the Knight Saint. At the front, there is a statue of Guan-yiin riding on a dragon.
According to the legend, Guan-yin appeared in front of the followers and instructs them to build this pavilion. Dragon and Tiger Tower takes the dragon throat as the entrance and the tiger mouth as the exit, it implies that all bad luck will be turned into good. The Confucius Temple is the greatest one among its kind in Taiwan. Every year there is a grand ceremony held in this temple for worshipping Confucius and it certainly attracts a lot of people to participate.It is about 30 minutes drive from the Hotel.

Kaohsiung City Culture Center
Completed in 1981, it is the major venue of the Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government for holding art and cultural exhibitions and performances in Kaohsiung city. The adjacent Guangjhou 1st street has become the area with the strongest cultural ambience due to its clusters of galleries, whereas the statues on the outdoor green areas have given the park plentiful artistic glamour. The courtyard with a spiral staircase is the best place for outdoor activities. Every morning and evening, many citizens come here for a walk, relaxation or exercise. It is about 2 minutes drive or 10 minutes for walking from the hotel.

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Opened in June 1994, it is the only major public art museum in southern Taiwan. Being the newest among the three major metropolitan art museums in Taiwan, it has positioned itself as a multi-functional and general art museum ever since its opening. Together with the facilities of the art park, Kaohsiung citizens are provided with a zone with different art, cultural, recreational and ecological forms of life. It is about 20 minutes drive from the hotel.

National Science and Technology Museum
National Science and Technology Museum, opened in October 1997, is the first museum of applied science in Taiwan. Along with the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung and the National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium in Hengchun, it is ranked as one of the three major science museums in Taiwan. National Science and Technology Museum has three public art pieces placed inside and outside, 18 exhibition halls, the largest and most exquisite 3D cinema in Asia, as well as a multi-media world, which is the first major interactive performance venue in Taiwan. It is about 20 minutes drive from the hotel.

Kaohsiung Museum of History
Kaohsiung Museum of History was rebuilt from the former Kaohsiung City Government Building. After the relocation of the city government in 1992, the plan to convert the former city government building into the museum of history began, giving the old building a new life since its opening on 25 October 1998. Built in 1938, the former city government building adopts in the Asian-oriented imperial crown style of Japan. The whole building looks like the Chinese character gao, (meaning tall) to represent the Kaohsiung spirit of fly and magnificent. After the renovation, its archaic feeling remains unchanged while a new refreshed appearance is given to it. Located along the Love River, the museum becomes the landmark of Kaohsiung. Relevant information about the culture of Takau is often exhibited in the museum and the collection of heritage of Takau is in progress. Kaohsiung Museum of History is also one of the important places involved in the 228 Incident and so it has a 228 Incident Exhibition Hall. It takes about 20 minutes drive from the hotel.

Kaohsiung Municipal Film Archive
“Kaohsiung Municipal Film Archive”, located along Love River in Hesi Road, looks like “a statue of light” rising from the bank. With tranquil bluish-purple light emanating from the clean and transparent building, the building looks serene and charming. In the past, there were no organizations or relevant software and hardware for the promotion of film culture in southern Taiwan and the activities organized by the film industry were centered in northern Taiwan. From the view of the concern for Taiwan’s cultural industry, Kaohsiung city government has worked towards the establishment of “Kaohsiung Municipal Film Archive” since 2000 to realize the dream of promoting the film industry, and to bringing richer and more diversified images and visions for the people of southern Taiwan. As the result, the Film Archive was then set up along Love River in Hesi Road. It takes about 15 minutes drive from the hotel.

Formosa Boulevard Station - Dome of Light
The "Dome of Light" is within the Kaohsiung MRT "Formosa Boulevard Station" at the intersection of the Red Line and the Orange Line. The Dome of Light has a diameter of 30 meters and was created by the public installation artist Narcissus Quagliata over a 6-year period. It makes use of different glass materials and techniques throughout history to create the world's largest stand-alone glass art installation. The hotel is approximately 10-minute ride away.

Pier 2 Art District
The naming of the Pier 2 Art District next to Kaohsiung Port can be traced to the Pier 2 Warehouse on the harbor front. The old, mothballed warehouses are now a new platform for creative arts in Kaohsiung. From the Kaohsiung Design Festival, the Delight of Chinese Character Festival, the International Steel & Iron Sculpture Festival, the International Container Arts Festival to The Wall Pier 2 concerts, each exhibition and performance has helped the Pier 2 Art District to grow and become stronger through the accumulation of creative cultural energies. The hotel is approximately 15-minute ride away.

Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center
This is a multi-functional art and cultural park, including multi-purpose performance halls as well as a semi-al fresco theater. There are a total of 4 buildings including the Performance Hall, the Exhibition Hall, Art Educational Center and Library. Other than organizing various exhibitions on a periodic basis, there is also the first library in Taiwan that is based on the theme of art, where the outdoor balloon-like membrane roof has become the eye-catching focus for the Dadong Arts Center. It is approximately a 25-minute drive from the hotel to here.

Buddha Memorial Center
Fo Guang Shan was completed on December 25th, 2011 after 8 years of construction for the purpose of storing Buddha’s tooth relics. This is not merely a grand event in Taiwan’s Buddhism circle, but has also turned Kaohsiung into the most important sacred place for Buddhism in the Asian region. The architectural style of the Buddha Memorial Center has fused both oriental and Western influences as well as traditional and modern characteristics. There is a golden tower inlayed with precious stones located inside the main hall for storing the Buddha’s tooth relics. On top of it is a 50-meter high copper Buddha, which is also the tallest seated Buddha in the world. It is approximately a 40-minute drive from the hotel to here.